A community of like-minded people who decided to move from cities to the countryside and have a sustainable way of life

The ecovillage ZELENI KRUCHI (this means GREEN HILLS in Ukrainian) was founded in 2012 and before 2018 it was called Dubravushka.

The ecovillage is situated in an ordinary Ukrainian village. We buy houses with plots of land and live in these old houses or build new ones.

We are a community of people of different ages who decided to move from cities to the countryside, to have an ecological way of live for our health and happiness. We are an active community who creates its own comfortable ecological space.

We are situated in a picturesque hilly area. We have here clean air and water, forests full of mushrooms and wild garlic, slopes with medicinal plants. There is a big pond where we can swim and a number of small ponds. Wild animals live in the woods, swans come every year to the ponds and you can even meet turtles.

It will take you two hours by car to get here from Kyiv (140 km) or three hours by a direct bus.

The village has electricity, gas and good internet.  The nearest town is Bohuslav 18 km far. There is a school in the village next to us.

We build our houses with natural materials, grow our own food, lead healthy lifestyle and spend our free time together. But also our members constantly develop themselves, organize different studies and build up our permaculture center.

By the end of 2018 we are 9 families.

In 2018 ZELENI KRUCHI became an aspiring member of GEN Europe. You can find us on the world map of ecovillages.

The green hotel  Lesnaya Skazka is open for tourists.  There you can have rest and see the traditional Ukrainian way of life.

If you want to become our neighbour please see the page Join the ecovillage