Permaculture Design Certificate Course

June 15-17, 2019, the first of the three practical modules of the Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2019, entitled "Man and Other Animals," will take place in Green Hills.

Teachers at the course will be Pavlo Ardanov and Anastasiya Volkova.

Language of the course is Ukrainian.

In general, the course consists of a theoretical part (more than 40 hours of webinars), three practical modules in different permaculture centers and a design workshop.

Detailed information about the course can be found on the website of the NGO "Permaculture in Ukraine".

Facebook page of the event

The first module, "Man and Other Animals", is the moment of the acquaintance of the participants of the course, who will study together during the summer and work in teams on design projects at the end. So, we will consider such topics as social interaction, building sustainable communities and teams. And the ecovillage is a suitable place for immersion in this topic. You will have the opportunity to look at the life of ecovillage, which is seven years old, to communicate with its inhabitants, to take part in discussions and to play games aimed at creating sustainable communities.

Also, we will look at the place of animals in permaculture and build a chicken tractor together. The third day will be devoted to the ecological building: we will visit a house constructed of straw panels and hemp, and try our own forces in a self-constructed building.

There will be a guided tour to the picturesque hills of the Permaculture Center and the estate 'Carrot Wolves', during which you will see a permaculture vegetable garden with different types of beds and numerous permaculture techniques, a pattern fruit garden, a cob house, rainwater collecting system, and many other things.

In the evening we will gather near the fire for communication.

The cost of training on this module is 1050 UAH.

Accomodation: ethno green hotel «Lesnaya Skazka»

Cost of staying for two nights:

1) a separate bedroom with a double bed is 1400 UAH (the price for a bedroom, you can share it with husband / wife / child / friend), there are two bedrooms

2) a mattress on the attic or a place on a stove bench 480 UAH per person, 8 places

3) in your own tent on the territory of the estate (there is a toilet and a summer shower), 100 UAH per person

There is a pond with a beach nearby

Meals: Vegetarian, delicious, partly local products. On Saturday lunch and dinner, on Sunday breakfast-lunch-dinner, on Sunday breakfast-lunch from a cauldron: 650 UAH

How to get to: from Kiev 140 km. We will either arrange a transfer (about 400 UAH in both directions) or distribute participants without cars to the participants with cars.

If you are a raweater, you can take no meals or take meals for half a price (there will be salads and fruits).

Additional information, registration and payment on the website of the NGO "Permaculture in Ukraine"..