Join the ecovillage

If your want to become our neighbor we ask you to think about the following life principles. It is what is close to us and we wait the same from our new neighbors.


Healthy lifestyle
Conscious nutrition
Nutrition influences health and consciousness of a person. We don’t eat meat and don’t keep animals for killing. We welcome vegetarian diet, raw diet, consuming natural, bio and local products. We grow our own food
Care about nature
We aspire to protect the environment, maintain biodiversity, plant trees, minimize our ecological footprint
Organic agriculture
In growing food we follow the principles of organic agriculture, permaculture, biodynamics. We improve the soil and create sustainable ecosystems
Natural building
We build our comfortable and safe for health houses with natural materials
Ecological everyday life
We use natural substances and products in housekeeping
We aspire to self-sufficiency in questions of food, energy and goods
Spiritual development
We pay attention to our personal spiritual development. We welcome knowledge exchange and mutual respect in questions of life philosophy
Common leisure time
We gather regularly for celebrations, communication, art and music evenings
Common decision making
Discussible questions concerning the ecovillage are solved at general meetings


If your life principles agree with ours please fill in the form (in Ukrainian).

The filled forms are discussed by all the members of the ecovillage and are voted. If we consider that the person suits to our community we will invite you to make acquaintance to one of the common events. After the acquaintance there is a second vote by the members of the ecovillage. If you are accepted we will invite you ones more and show the plots of land that can be bought.

We kindly ask you to understand such a thorough approach in choosing new neighbors. For us, mutual understanding and common interests are very important in the community.

We have a charter that regulates relations in the ecovillage.

We have an entrance fee for new families that goes to the common budget. In 2023 the entrance fee is 5000 UAH.

We have monthly compulsory fees that go to the common budget. In 2023 the monthly fee is 200 UAH.


We will be glad to welcome new neighbors!